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Accounting for Landscape Gardeners

Running a landscape design and construction business requires some unique skills. While the design aspect requires creativity and imagination, the construction side is physically demanding and there are also environmental considerations.

The long hours combined with the physical demands of the job explain why many landscape gardeners fail to give accounting and tax issues the attention they deserve. While GST, BAS and tax payments often represent some of the largest financial obligations for a landscaping business, most tradespeople fail to manage their tax affairs.

Here at JAS Accountants we understand the challenges and operations of a landscape design and construction business. Apart from the usual small business compliance issues of GST, BAS, PAYG and superannuation, we assist clients with managing their cash flow and help them select the right software to prepare quotes, invoices and manage their payroll and apprentices. Too many tradesmen use the wrong accounting software which ends up costing them more in accounting fees while our client brief includes helping you cut the cost of compliance.

We believe marketing can be the difference between success and failure for a landscape gardener and it all starts with your branding (business name, logo development and slogan). Through our affiliate partners we can help you develop your website and corporate brochure plus harness the power of social media to win more business and referrals.

Having an accountant who understands the mechanics of the horticulture industry can potentially give you the business edge. Over the past decade, Joe Santomartino has mentored dozens of landscape gardeners through the various stages of their business life cycle – from start up right through to sale. They bring experience, technical knowledge and most importantly, an intimate understanding of your industry to the table.


We are a business start-up specialist who can provide you with a comprehensive range of services and tools to get you off to a flying start. Our start up expense checklist will help you identify all your potential costs from tools and equipment through to IT expenses and marketing costs. When you are looking to create a garden you start with a plan and we can help you develop a blueprint or business plan for your landscaping business. You obviously need the right tools to construct a garden and in business you need the right software and business structure.

For a landscape gardener, your vehicle is a key business tool. You can download our Motor Vehicle Tax Guide that lists the alternative methods of claiming your car expenses plus the distinction between a business and private trip for tax purposes. Through our affiliate partners we can assist you to obtain vehicle finance (chattel mortgage, lease, hire purchase etc.) and even get you a fleet discount on your new car, ute or light commercial van. This could save you thousands of dollars and that’s just the beginning because as accountants we can also prepare some ‘what if’ financial scenarios so you know your business’ best and worst case scenarios.

As a business owner we believe you want to grow your business, your profits and your wealth. For that reason we strive to help you ‘know your numbers’ and that includes understanding the 4 Ways to Grow Your Business. By identifying the key profit drivers in your landscaping business we can talk you through profit improvement strategies and quantify the profit improvement potential in your business. Next we can compare the performance of your landscaping business against industry benchmarks so you understand what is working in the business and what needs working on.

The team of landscape gardening specialists at JAS Accountants offer you a range of accounting, taxation and business coaching services including:

  • Start-Up Business Advice for a Landscape Deign & Construction Business including the business structure, accounting software, insurances, tax registrations, vehicle claims and finance, marketing, website design and content etc.  
  • Advice regarding the Purchase or Sale of a Landscaping Business
  • Spreadsheets and Tools including a Start-Up Expense Checklist, Business Plan Template and Cash Flow Budget.
  • Provide Advice and Assistance with the Establishment of Your Business Structure (sole trader, company, trust, partnership etc.) taking into account issues like Asset Protection and discount Capital Gains Tax Concessions
  • Business and Tax Registrations for ABN, TFN, GST, WorkCover etc.
  • Preparation of Business Plans, Cash Flow Forecasts and Profit Projections
  • Accounting Software Selection and Training – Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Quotes & Payroll
  • Preparation of Finance Applications for the Bank
  • Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Marketing Audit including an evaluation of your Branding, Corporate Brochure and Website
  • Advice and Assistance with your Website Development, Content and SEO
  • Wealth Creation Strategies and Financial Planning Services
  • Industry Benchmarking and KPI Management
  • Vehicle & Equipment Finance (Trucks, Bobcats, Diggers, Chattel Mortgage & Lease)
  • Monitoring and Controlling Labour and Sub-Contractor Costs
  • Advice & Assistance with Pricing and Claiming Motor Vehicle Costs
  • Recession Survival Strategies
  • Advice regarding Employee Relations and Workplace Laws
  • Business & Risk Insurances
  • Business Succession Planning

We are so much more than just tax Accountants. We are business and profit builders who genuinely care about your business success. We understand the horticulture industry and provide strategies, solutions and marketing advice to help you grow your landscape gardening business. If you want to get your landscaping business off to a flying start or want to grow your existing business contact us today.

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